Chapter 13


We step into the world of an educational institution in this chapter, looking first at the applicant pipeline as an accumulating snapshot. When accumulating snapshot fact tables were introduced in Chapter 4: Inventory, a product movement pipeline illustrated the concept; order fulfillment workflows were captured in an accumulating snapshot in Chapter 6: Order Management. In this chapter, rather than watching products or orders move through various states, an accumulating snapshot is used to monitor prospective student applicants as they progress through admissions milestones.

The other primary concept discussed in this chapter is the factless fact table. We'll explore several case study illustrations drawn from higher education to further elaborate on these special fact tables and discuss the analysis of events that didn't occur.

Chapter 13 discusses the following concepts:

  • Example bus matrix snippet for a university or college
  • Applicant tracking and research grant proposals as accumulating snapshot fact tables
  • Factless fact table for admission events, course registration facilities management, and student attendance
  • Handling of nonexistent events

University Case Study and Bus Matrix

In this chapter you're working for a university, college, or other type of educational institution. Someone at a higher education client once remarked that running a university is akin to operating all the businesses needed to support a small village. Universities are simultaneously ...

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