Appendix A

Research on the Antecedents to Trust

DTM Factor Antecedents to Trust from Research Authors
Risk tolerance Risk tolerance Boyle & Bonacich (1970)
Cautiousness Rotter (1967)
Adjustment Adjustment Erikson (1950)
Disposition, personality to trust Kee & Knox (1970); Hardin (1992)
Power Power, deterrence Kee & Knox (1970); Ring & Van de Ven (1992); Dasgupta (1988); Farrell (2009)
Autonomy Hart, Capps, Cangemi, & Caillouet (1986)
Similarities Shared values, value congruence Hart, Capps, Cangemi, & Caillouet (1986); Sitkin & Roth (1993)
Identity, shared Rousseau, Sitkin, Burt, & Camerer (1998); Gaertner, Dovidio, & Bachman (1996); Brewer (1979)
In-group bias Brewer (1979)
Network trust effects Ferrin, Dirks, & Shah ...

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