Appendix D. NVIC, SCB, and SysTick Registers Quick Reference

NVIC Register Summary

AddressNameCMSIS SymbolFull Name
0xE000E100ISERNVIC->ISERInterrupt Set Enable Register
0xE000E180ICERNVIC->ICERInterrupt Clear Enable Register
0xE000E200ISPRNVIC->ISPRInterrupt Set Pending Register
0xE000E280ICPRNVIC->ICPRInterrupt Clear Pending Register
0xE000E400IPR0-7NVIC->IPR[0] to NVIC->IPR[7]Interrupt Priority Register

Interrupt Set Enable Register (NVIC -> ISER)

To enable an interrupt with a CMSIS-compliant device driver library, please use the NVIC_EnableIRQ function:
AddressNameTypeReset ValueDescriptions
Set enable for Interrupts 0 to 31; write 1 to set bit to 1, write 0 has no effect
Bit[0] for Interrupt #0 (exception #16)
Bit[1] for ...

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