Appendix H

Connectors for Debug and Trace

H.1 Overview

A number of commonly used debug connectors are shown here. Most of the ARM® development tools use one of these pin out. When developing your ARM circuit board, it is recommended to use a standard debug signal arrangement to make connection to debugger easier.

H.1.1 20-pin Cortex® Debug + ETM connector

Some newer ARM® microcontroller board use a 0.05” 20-pin header (Samtec FTSH-110) for both debug and trace. (The signals greyed out are not available on the Cortex®-M3 or Cortex-M4.)

The 20-pin Cortex Debug + ETM connector support both JTAG and Serial Wire debug protocols. When the Serial debug protocol is used, the TDO signal can be used for Serial Wire Viewer output for trace capture. The ...

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