Appendix A

Instruction Set Quick Reference

A.1. List of Instructions

The instructions supported on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 and Cortex-M0+ processors are listed in Table A.1.

Table A.1

Instruction set summary

Syntax (Unified Assembly Language)Description
ADCS <Rd>, <Rm>ADD with Carry and update APSR
ADDS <Rd>, <Rn>, <Rm>ADD registers and update APSR
ADDS <Rd>, <Rn>, #immed3ADD register and a 3-bit immediate value
ADDS <Rd>, #immed8ADD register and an 8-bit immediate value
ADD  <Rd>, <Rm>ADD two registers without update APSR
ADD  <Rd>, SP, <Rd>ADD the stack pointer to a register
ADD  SP, <Rm>ADD a register to the stack pointer
ADD  <Rd>, SP, #immed8ADD stack pointer with an immediate value. Rd = SP + ZeroExtend(#immed8 <<2).
ADD  SP, SP, #immed7ADD an immediate value ...

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