Appendix E

Debug Registers Quick Reference

E.1. Overview

The debug systems in the Cortex®-M0 and Cortex-M0+ processors contain a number of programmable registers. These registers can be accessed by in-circuit debuggers only and cannot be accessed by the application software. This quick reference is intended for tools developers, or if you are using a debugger that supports debug scripts (e.g., ARM® DS-5), where you can use debug scripts to access these registers to carry out testing operations automatically.
The debug system in the Cortex-M0 and the Cortex-M0+ processors is partitioned into as follows:
• Debug support in the processor core,
• Breakpoint unit,
• Data watchpoint unit,
• ROM table,
• and optionally, a Micro Trace Buffer (MTB) for Cortex-M0+ ...

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