© Christopher Pitt and Joe Mancuso 2020
C. Pitt, J. MancusoThe Definitive Guide to Masonitehttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5602-2_3

3. The Service Container

Christopher Pitt1  and Joe Mancuso2
Cape Town, South Africa
Holbrook, NY, USA

Masonite is built around what is called a “service container.” Don’t let this wording confuse you though. All a service container is just a group of… services, exactly! Services in this context are just features. Think of the service container as a toolbox, services as your tools, and Masonite as your workshop. A service can be as small as a Mail class for sending mail or a Queue class for sending jobs to a message broker like RabbitMQ. Services can even get more advanced like a routing engine to map the URL ...

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