Chapter 22

Power Supply Design

We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.”

Stephen Vincent Benet: Litany for Dictatorships, 1935

Opamp Supply Rail Voltages

Running opamps at ±17 V rather than ±15 V gives an increase in headroom and dynamic range of 1.1 dB for virtually no cost and with no reliability penalty. This assumes that the opamps concerned have a maximum supply voltage rating of ±18 V, which is the case for the old Texas TL072, the new LM4562, and many other types.

The 5532 is (as usual) in a class of its own. Both the Texas and Fairchild versions of the NE5532 have an absolute maximum power supply voltage rating of ±22 V (though Texas also gives a “recommended supply voltage” of ±15 V), but I have never met any attempt to make ...

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