Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Active stack pointer selection (ASPEL), 156–157
ADC_Init function, 160
Add and subtract with exchange (ASX), 266–267
Advanced architectural features, of Cortex-M processor, 7–10
Advanced Extensible Interface (AXI-M), 21
Advanced high speed bus (AHB), 15, 185–187
AHB bus matrix lite, 380–381
AHB lite bus interface, 185–187, 194
AHB peripheral bus (AHBP), 194
AHB slave (AHBS), 194
Advanced peripheral bus (APB), 185
Alias registers, 74–75, 74f
ANSI standard, 55
Application interrupt and reset control (AIRC), 88t, 114
Application programming interface (API), 24–25, 411–412
CMSIS Driver, 412–413, 413–414
Application PSR (APSR), 74
Architecture of Cortex-M ...

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