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The Devil's Deal

Book Description

This is the ultimate insider’s tale of how international finance really operates.

This controversial first person account details the ins and outs of global finance.  Over 20 years the author has enjoyed privileged access to many of the world’s top players in money. In this book he reveals the schemes and techniques they use to conjure up enormous sums of money, whilst explaining how international finance operates: from how financial products work and what they are, to what financiers and money players actually do.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. The Devil’s Deal
  3. Contents
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. How it all began
  6. Part 1 One-way ticket
    1. From Zurich to disaster
      1. The rules of compounding
      2. Whatever you want
      3. Gains and losses
    2. Taking risks
      1. Take a chance on me
      2. The business of risk
      3. The luxury gap
    3. The leap of faith
      1. Safety and danger
      2. Risk and return
      3. Buys and sells
  7. Part 2 Welcome to the jungle
    1. Damn clients
      1. The trading floor
      2. Spreadsheet monkeys
      3. Proprietary trading
      4. It’s raining middlemen
    2. An equitable solution
      1. Who predicted futurology?
      2. Stock-pickers of the world unite and take over
      3. Value, growth, neither, both
    3. Promises, promises
      1. The naked position
      2. The time value of money
      3. Wall Street Blues
      4. Income and safety
    4. Very interesting, Mr Bond
      1. The old principle/principal trade-off
      2. The name’s Safety
      3. Ratings measure risk – usually
    5. Chinese walls come tumbling down
      1. Deals on wheels
      2. Front running
      3. EBIT doh!
      4. Behind the Chinese walls
  8. Part 3 You can always get what you want
    1. The meek shall inherit the mineral rights
      1. Essential ingredients – rice, wheat and oil
      2. Why do people buy gold?
      3. Price is where supply shakes hands with demand
    2. The numbers game
      1. Yield and time
      2. The interest rate and bond price see-saw
    3. A lottery ticket is a contract too
      1. Welcome to World Lotto!
      2. Bringing home the risky bacon
    4. Out of the money
      1. Difficult choices about options
      2. Call me
    5. In the future when all’s well
      1. Tomorrow always comes
      2. Markets and counters
  9. Part 4 All’s fair in love and finance
    1. Currency for the devil
      1. 24-hour Forex people
      2. The currency banana
      3. Inflation is always the great destroyer
      4. Spread your love
    2. Paradigm city
      1. Hedge funds begin with a lie
      2. The scramble to be first
      3. Death insurance
      4. The insurance cycle
      5. Pension funds v hedge funds
    3. Confessions of a dot-com faker
      1. Silicon ditch
      2. Burn money
    4. The brain game
      1. How do we value our emotions?
      2. Some women are from Mars as well
      3. My investment questionnaire
      4. The right profile
      5. Classifying investors
    5. Swaps
      1. Border crossing
      2. Home advantage
      3. Offshore pumps and scams
    6. Throwing darts at a random cat
      1. Asset allocation and fund management
      2. Get active
      3. On Margate sands
  10. Part 5 Laying all the economists end to end
    1. The bottom line
      1. Busts and burnt fingers
      2. The stumble from recession to depression
      3. The terrible cost of unemployment
      4. Coming out of recession
    2. Happy days are here again
      1. Boom time bubbles
      2. The fool in the herd
    3. Crash
      1. Homes fit for NiNjas
      2. Born to run
    4. Scam
      1. The truth about rhodium
      2. Teamwork in action
    5. Revelations
      1. Is there a master plan?
      2. The teacher/student relationship
    6. How it all ended
    7. Index