Scaling up the cluster

The objective is to scale the nodes of our cluster to meet the demand of our Pods. We want not only to increase the number of worker nodes when we need additional capacity, but also to remove them when they are underused. For now, we'll focus on the former, and explore the latter afterward.

Let's start by taking a look at how many nodes we have in the cluster.

 1  kubectl get nodes

The output, from GKE, is as follows.

gke-devops25-... Ready  <none> 5m27s v1.9.7-gke.6
gke-devops25-... Ready  <none> 5m28s v1.9.7-gke.6
gke-devops25-... Ready  <none> 5m24s v1.9.7-gke.6

In your case, the number of nodes might differ. That's not important. What matters is to remember how many you have right now since ...

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