The DevOps Adoption Playbook

Book description

Achieve streamlined, rapid production with enterprise-level DevOps

The DevOps Adoption Playbook provides practical, actionable, real-world guidance on implementing DevOps at enterprise scale. Author Sanjeev Sharma heads the DevOps practice for IBM; in this book, he provides unique guidance and insight on implementing DevOps at large organizations. Most DevOps literature is aimed at startups, but enterprises have unique needs, capabilities, limitations, and challenges; "DevOps for startups" doesn't work at this scale, but the DevOps paradigm can revolutionize enterprise IT. Deliver high-value applications and systems with velocity and agility by adopting the necessary practices, automation tools, and organizational and cultural changes that lead to innovation through rapid experimentation. Speed is an advantage in the face of competition, but it must never come at the expense of quality; DevOps allows your organization to keep both by intersecting development, quality assurance, and operations.

Enterprise-level DevOps comes with its own set of challenges, but this book shows you just how easily they are overcome. With a slight shift in perspective, your organization can stay ahead of the competition while keeping costs, risks, and quality under control.  

  • Grasp the full extent of the DevOps impact on IT organizations
  • Achieve high-value innovation and optimization with low cost and risk
  • Exceed traditional business goals with higher product release efficiency
  • Implement DevOps in large-scale enterprise IT environments

DevOps has been one of IT's hottest trends for the past decade, and plenty of success stories testify to its effectiveness in organizations of any size, industry, or level of IT maturity, all around the world. The DevOps Adoption Playbook shows you how to get your organization on board so you can slip production into the fast lane and innovate your way to the top.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. A Playbook for Adopting DevOps at Scale
    2. Disrupt or Be Disrupted
    3. Defining DevOps
    4. Who Is This Book For?
    5. The Sports Analogies
    6. Companion Website
    7. Notes
  2. Chapter 1 DevOps: An Overview
    1. DevOps: Origins
    2. DevOps: Roots
    3. DevOps: Practices
    4. DevOps: Culture
    5. Summary
    6. Notes
  3. Chapter 2 Adopting DevOps
    1. Developing the Playbook
    2. Summary
  4. Chapter 3 Developing a Business Case for a DevOps Transformation
    1. Developing the Business Case
    2. Completing the Business Model Canvas
    3. Customer Segments
    4. Value Propositions
    5. Channels
    6. Customer Relationships
    7. Revenue Streams
    8. Key Resources
    9. Key Activities
    10. Key Partnerships
    11. Cost Structures
    12. Summary
  5. Chapter 4 DevOps Plays for Optimizing the Delivery Pipeline
    1. DevOps as an Optimization Exercise
    2. Core Themes
    3. Note
  6. Chapter 5 DevOps Plays for Driving Innovation
    1. Optimize to Innovate
    2. The Uber Syndrome
    3. Innovation and the Role of Technology
    4. Core Themes
    5. Play: Build a DevOps Platform
    6. Play: Deliver Microservices Architectures
    7. Play: Develop an API Economy
    8. Play: Organizing for Innovation
    9. Summary
    10. Notes
  7. Chapter 6 Scaling DevOps for the Enterprise
    1. Core Themes
    2. Play: DevOps Center of Competency
    3. Play: Developing Culture of Innovation at Scale
    4. Play: Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    5. Play: Team Models for DevOps
    6. Play: Standardization of Tools and Processes
    7. Play: Security Considerations for DevOps
    8. Play: DevOps and Outsourcing
    9. Summary
    10. Notes
  8. Chapter 7 Leading DevOps Adoption in the Enterprise
    1. Play: DevOps as a Transformation Exercise
    2. Play: Developing a Culture of Collaboration and Trust
    3. Play: DevOps Thinking for the Line of Business
    4. Play: Starting with Pilot Projects
    5. Play: Rearing Unicorns on an Aircraft Carrier
  9. Appendix Case Study: Example DevOps Adoption Roadmap
    1. Organization Background
    2. Roadmap Structure
    3. Adoption Roadmap
    4. Notes
  10. EULA

Product information

  • Title: The DevOps Adoption Playbook
  • Author(s): Sanjeev Sharma
  • Release date: January 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119308744