The Digital Era 2

Book description

Over 200 years, industry has mastered iron, fire, power and energy. Today, electronics shape our everyday objects with the widespread integration of chips; from computers and telephones to keys, games and white goods. Data, software and computation structure our behavior and the organization of our lives. Everything is translated into data: the digit is king.

Consisting of three volumes, The Digital Era explores technical, economic and social phenomena that result from the generalization of the Internet. This second volume discusses the impact of digital technology on the evolution of market relations and the media and examines the reasons why such changes put political economy to the test.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Note to Reader
  3. Preface: Assessing Digital Society
  4. Introduction: Political Economy Under Pressure
  5. PART 1: A Disruptive Economy
    1. Introduction to Part 1
    2. 1 Companies: the Great Transformation
      1. Information: the raw material of digital technology
      2. The causes of disruption and their limits
      3. The business philosophy of digital technology
      4. Moving upmarket and buybacks
      5. Concluding reflections
      6. Bibliography
    3. 2 Media: Innovation, Self-production, Creativity
      1. User-generated content: scaling up
      2. Books, authors and communities
      3. Cinema and video: creation, streaming and parodies
      4. Do it yourself with music: new creativity?
      5. Press and information: dialogue with readers or free work?
      6. Video games: co-innovators?
      7. Conclusion: creativity, but a limited model
      8. Bibliography
    4. 3 New Intermediaries: Extra-territorial Platforms
      1. What has changed?
      2. Intermediation
      3. Platform economics
      4. Laws of the digital economy
      5. Going towards a new management of resources
      6. Building political legitimacy
      7. Conclusion
      8. Bibliography
  6. PART 2: New Perspectives
    1. Introduction to Part 2
    2. 4 The Collaborative Economy: What Are We Talking About?
      1. Numerous examples
      2. Commercial versus collaborative peer-to-peer
      3. Peer-to-peer trading, the intermediation’s triumph
      4. How is collaborative peer-to-peer actually organized?
      5. Are commons manageable?
      6. Looking at the future of collaborative peer-to-peer
      7. Conclusion
      8. Bibliography
    3. 5 Towards a Post-industrial iconomy
      1. Summary of previous times
      2. Real and imagined digital influence
      3. Can an intelligence be artificial?
      4. Distinguishing power from intelligence
      5. In summary: towards the iconomy?
      6. Conclusion and recommendations
      7. Bibliography
    4. 6 The Chips Industry: Moore and Rock’s Laws
      1. Some words about technique: where do we stand today?
      2. High-tech production
      3. An original economy
      4. Rock’s law leads to concentration
      5. De-integration, specialization and reconfiguration
      6. How to stay in the lead pack?
      7. Bibliography
    5. 7 Measuring and Compiling Wealth
      1. National accounting and gross revenue
      2. Consequences of post-industrial society
      3. How can the digital economy be better described?
      4. Elements for a summary
      5. Bibliography
      6. Appendix A. Microelectronics: a typically multinational sector
      7. Appendix B. Trade, currencies and digital disruption
  7. Conclusion: Wealthy Nations, Healthy Global Firms
  8. Appendices
    1. Appendix 1: List of Figures
    2. Appendix 2: List of Boxes
  9. List of Authors
  10. Index of Names and Brands
  11. Index of Notions
  12. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Digital Era 2
  • Author(s): Jean-Pierre Chamoux
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley-ISTE
  • ISBN: 9781786301918