Chapter 6

Picture Perfect Social Media


In researching The Digital Innovation Playbook I looked at literally hundreds of companies in an attempt to find Innovation Superstars. As you can already see so far, I found some amazing companies doing incredible things in the digital and new media landscape. Southwest Airlines was a great example of a company with a healthy culture that has flowed seamlessly into the social web scene.

Now we're going to look at Kodak, which is a perfect Innovation Superstar example. In fact, I will even go on record by saying that:

I believe that Kodak is one of the most innovative companies in the world.

I would like to substantiate that comment by once again stating my definition of innovation: Innovation is the process of delivering exceptional customer value through active listening. When I think of Kodak, those three important ingredients in that definition mentioned earlier come to mind: exceptional, value, and listening. In this chapter you'll learn how one of the United States' best companies is building its business and brand by connecting to its customer communities.

Imagine your business is your automobile. You're the driver, which means you are in charge of adjusting your mirrors so you have the view you want; you set the speed—slowing or speeding up when necessary; you set air conditioning comfort levels, and you set the tone with your choice of rock, country, classics, or talk radio.

Then, one day, a bunch ...

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