Chapter 12

Rules of Engagement


Throughout The Digital Innovation Playbook, I talk about the importance of creating digital resources or content that are valuable to the customer. These resources include everything from software applications to online, downloadable content in the forms of special reports, whitepapers, articles, e-books, podcasts, vodcasts, interactive training, instructional videos, and interviews.

And the list goes on. Whether your company is large or small, it is critical that you understand how to use the Internet and social networking to advance your innovation initiatives. That said, it is also important to understand the potential legal pitfalls associated with using these tools and the opportunities to monetize your digital innovations through intellectual property protections. For this, I turn to my Intellectual Property Counsel, Robert (Bob) Siminski, of the law firm Harness, Dickey & Pierce, PLC, to provide an overview.

Successful participation in the digital sandbox requires good, old-fashioned common sense and a genuine desire to connect to your customer community. But in today's litigious society it is also extremely important that you understand the rules of the digital road. To better understand these issues, I've asked my good friend and colleague Bob Siminski, a world-renowned Intellectual Property Attorney, to write this chapter.

One Giant Leap for Mankind

In my 20-plus years of practicing intellectual ...

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