Chapter 13

The Innovation Game Plan


Here we are. In the previous chapter we went over how to protect your properties in a digital world. Before that we talked about the elusive culture ideology and we talked about streamlining your innovation processes through the RealOpen platform.

One of the overarching concepts discussed throughout the book has been knowing your customers and understanding who you are as a company. Since every company is different, to be successful at digital innovation you must define the term in a way that directly connects to your organizational mission. One last time, here's my definition of innovation: Innovation is the process of developing exceptional value through active listening. I'm not suggesting there's one perfect definition, but I can tell you organizations that have not defined innovation in a way that is directly connected to their organizational mission fail with mathematical certainty.

Also, when defining innovation for your organization, make sure to use a vernacular that's clear and easy to understand for your entire team. Make it short, but most importantly make it deployable. As you begin to develop your innovation game plan, recognize that innovation success requires a willingness to openly communicate with both internal stakeholders and outside customer communities alike. Digital innovation requires organizations to develop digital connections in virtually every department and every job function.

Digital innovation ...

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