Infrared (IR) transfer IR image transfer works similarly to Bluetooth, but isn’t as
fast. Again, both devices have to have an IR transceiver to move the pictures. is is
an older technology and certainly not worth seeking out.
Email Many cameraphones let you send and receive email. You can attach a picture
to an email and send it to your computer.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) MMS is an extension of the text-only Short
Messaging Service (SMS) that allows you to send pictures, audio, and even video
from your cameraphone. Typically, you’d send these messages to another MMS-en-
abled phone or to an online service such as Textamerica, where others can log on to
see your work.
True, a certain geek factorcomes with managing images from most cameraphones.
But theres no denying the portability of these devices, and handling the pictures they
produce is getting easier all the time.
A good example of this evolution is Apple’s iPhone introduced during the summer of
2007. is device is more like a mobile computer that can make phone calls and take
pictures. iPhone images are easily transferred to your computer when you sync the de-
vice, or you can attach its photos to email and send them anywhere in the world. As
functionality like this evolves, along with better image quality, cameraphone pictures
will become a greater part of our overall image library.
Camera Features from A to Z
e owner’s manual that came with your camera does a reasonable job of showing you
where its various controls are located. Plus, it’s often a good opportunity to learn an-
other language or two. But owners manuals don’t excel at explaining what all of those
parts and functions actually do. So, here’s where your companion can help you along.
Let’s say your camera was a person. Would you take someone you hardly knew to the
most exotic corners of the planet? Would you trust this anonymous entity with the
memories of your child’s first birthday? Heavens no!
So, if you’re going to form a partnership with this device, you should at least get to know
it. at’s what we’re going to do right now. Get to know one another.
en, in Chapter 2, once everyone is on a first-name basis, we’ll explore in more detail
how we can all work together. But let’s save that for a bit later.

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