Just cut a hole in the center of a shower cap that’s big enough for your lens, and you have
an all-weather protector for your compact camera.
Capture Time-Lapse Movies
Do you remember watching a movie of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon? You prob-
ably saw it as a kid in school. at’s a classic example of time-lapse photography—a
series of images captured at regular intervals (usually between one second and one min-
ute each), and then played back as a movie.
Chances are good that you can create your own time-lapse magic with your digital cam-
era. Some high-end compacts, such as the Canon G9, have this function built right into
the camera. If you enjoy this type of movie making, having the capability built into the
camera is definitely the way to go because you don’t have to lug your computer around.

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