10.7. Key Points in Chapter Ten

What three ab initio characteristics of an organizing system influence most of the decisions about that organizing system?

Most of the specific decisions that must be made for an organizing system are strongly shaped by the initial decisions about its domain, scope, and scale.

(See §10.2, “The Organizing System Lifecycle”)

What is the effect of broad scope in an organizing system?

The impact of broad scope arises more from the heterogeneity of the resources and users in a collection rather than from their absolute number.

(See §10.3.1, “Scope and Scale of the Collection”)

What is a practical effect of increasing collection size?

Larger collections need more people to organize and maintain them, creating communication and coordination problems that grow much faster than the collection.

(See §10.3.1, “Scope and Scale of the Collection”)

How do you avoid problems of scope and scale?

The best way to prevent problems of scope and scale is through standardization.

(See §10.3.1, “Scope and Scale of the Collection”)

What is an effect of a heterogeneous user community?

Organizing systems in the same domain and with nominally the same scope can differ substantially in the resources they contain and the interactions they support if they ...

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