In this ebook, the glossary presents an alphabetical listing of entries, each with a term and a corresponding meaning. As much as possible and wherever practical, the contents of the glossary definitions are transcluded from the chapters and hypertext links offer the gentle reader with a means to go back to the source so that it can be considered in the author’s intended context.

In the case of abbreviations, the meaning transcludes the expanded form of the abbreviation, which links back to the chapters, typically to its first use. Where abbreviations relate to formal organizations or standards, we provide a reference URI to encourage discovery. -- MM



Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2)



Association of American Publishers (AAP)



Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)



“Subject matter” organization involves the use of a classification system that provides categories and descriptive terms for indicating what a resource is about. Because they use properties like aboutness that are not directly perceived, methods for assigning subject classifications are intellectually-intensive and require rigorous training to be performed consistently and appropriately for the intended users. (From §2.3, “Organizing Resources”.)

absolute synonyms

The strictest definition is that synonyms “are words that can replace each other in some class of contexts with ...

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