Chapter 4. Resources in Organizing Systems

Robert J. Glushko
Daniel D. Turner
Kimra McPherson
Jess Hemerly

4.1. Introduction

This chapter builds upon the foundational concepts introduced in Chapter 1 to explain more carefully what we mean by resource. In particular, we focus on the issue of identitywhat will be treated as a separate resourceand discuss the issues and principles we need to consider when we give each resource a name or identifier.

4.1.1. What Is a Resource?

Resources are what we organize.

We introduced the concept of resource in §1.3, “The Concept of “Resource” with its ordinary sense of “anything of value that can support goal-oriented activity” and emphasized that a group of resources can be treated as a collection in an organizing system. And what do we mean by “anything of value,” exactly? It might seem that the ...

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