The Dragon Network: Inside Stories of the Most Successful Chinese Family Businesses

Book description

What's driving the burgeoning global Chinese family businesses?

Chinese family businesses are the driving force behind Asia's economic prosperity. As the world becomes more global they have had to adapt to the new environment. This timely book draws on an extensive regional survey to reveal the key players and the strategies that will drive their success going forward. The book discusses and analyzes the business life and achievements of some prominent overseas Chinese family businesses in Asia and reveals their life philosophies, their business journey, and their family role in business.

  • Includes analysis regarding how the senior Chinese generations prepare their children to run the business in the future

  • Reveals that flexibility, ability to adapt to changing business environments, and resilience contribute to the success of many overseas Chinese family businesses

  • Offers illustrative examples of successful family businesses from Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and China

Based in solid research and filled with illustrative examples, The Dragon Network offers an inside look at how family businesses succeed and thrive in Asia.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: Revealing Fast-Growing Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
    1. Assimilation
    2. Discrimination
    3. Background of the Overseas Chinese Family Business (OCFB)
    4. Overseas Chinese Family Businesses in Southeast Asia
    5. Overseas Chinese Family Businesses in Other Regions
  8. Chapter 2: How Do Chinese Values Support Business Values?
    1. The Role of the Family in Chinese Culture
    2. Confucian Values
    3. Filial Piety
    4. Guanxi
    5. Characteristics of Chinese Family Businesses
    6. Challenges Facing Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
  9. Chapter 3: Combining Modern Management and Chinese Traditional Values
    1. Family Businesses around the World: An Overview
    2. Family Businesses: The Strengths
    3. Family Businesses: The Weaknesses
    4. Modernizing Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
  10. Chapter 4: Anatomy of Conflict Management
    1. The Story of Nyonya Meneer
    2. The Story of Yeo Hiap Seng (YHS)
    3. The Origins of Conflicts in Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
    4. Conflict Management
  11. Chapter 5: The Succession Conundrums
    1. Succession Planning Conundrums
    2. Succession in Overseas Chinese Family Businesses: Influence of Confucian Values
    3. Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders in Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
    4. The Next Generations: Dealing with Challenges
  12. Chapter 6: The Role of the Wife in Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
    1. Wife as the Balance of the Husband
    2. Wife as Complement and Driver
    3. Wife as the Secretary
    4. Wife as the Most Important Figure Following Her Husband’s Death
    5. The Role of a Wife: A Breaker or a Binder?
  13. Chapter 7: Leadership Styles of Overseas Chinese Family Businesses
    1. From Dictatorship to Democracy
    2. Yearning for a Patriarch
  14. Chapter 8: The Importance of Social Organization in Chinese Family Businesses
    1. Evolution of the Bamboo Network
    2. Founder’s Activities for Retirement
  15. Chapter 9: Dealing with Risk
    1. How Do Chinese Family Businesses Deal with Risk?
    2. Risk Attitude among Younger Generations in Chinese Family Businesses
  16. Chapter 10: Issues on Sustainability in Family Businesses
    1. Phases of Growth in a Family Business
    2. Challenges in Maintaining Sustainability
  17. Chapter 11: Suggestions for Developing Chinese Family Businesses
    1. Implementing Corporate Governance
    2. Creating a New Business Paradigm, Strategy, Structure, and System
    3. Enhancing Education and Competence for Family Members
    4. Recruiting Non-Family Executive Professional Managers
    5. Analyzing Corporate Life Cycle
    6. Promoting Fair Remuneration and Equal Treatment among Members
    7. Influencing with the Right Leadership
    8. Reformulating Strategy and Renewing Business
    9. Promoting Ethical Behavior
    10. Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility
    11. Developing Estate Planning
  18. Chapter 12: The Future of Overseas Chinese Family Businesses: Toward a More Global Management Style
  19. About the Authors
  20. Bibliography
  21. Index

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  • Title: The Dragon Network: Inside Stories of the Most Successful Chinese Family Businesses
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118339374