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The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change

Book Description

Proven strategies for harnessing the power of social media to drive social change

Many books teach the mechanics of using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to compete in business. But no book addresses how to harness the incredible power of social media to make a difference. The Dragonfly Effect shows you how to tap social media and consumer psychological insights to achieve a single, concrete goal. Named for the only insect that is able to move in any direction when its four wings are working in concert, this book

  • Reveals the four "wings" of the Dragonfly Effect-and how they work together to produce colossal results

  • Features original case studies of global organizations like the Gap, Starbucks, Kiva, Nike, eBay, Facebook; and start-ups like Groupon and COOKPAD, showing how they achieve social good and customer loyalty

  • Leverage the power of design thinking and psychological research with practical strategies

  • Reveals how everyday people achieve unprecedented results-whether finding an almost impossible bone marrow match for a friend, raising millions for cancer research, or electing the current president of the United States

The Dragonfly Effect shows that you don't need money or power to inspire seismic change.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword: Chip Heath, author of Made to Stick and Switch
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction: Why Reading This Book Is Worth the Investment
  5. The Dragonfly Body: The System That Keeps It Airborne
    1. The Dragonfly Effect at Work
  6. 1. WING 1: Focus: How to Hatch a Goal That Will Make an Impact
    1. 1.1. Design Principles to Think Focused
      1. 1.1.1. Design Principle 1: Humanistic
      2. 1.1.2. Design Principle 2: Actionable
      3. 1.1.3. Design Principle 3: Testable
      4. 1.1.4. Design Principle 4: Clarity
      5. 1.1.5. Design Principle 5: Happiness
    2. 1.2. HATCHed Goals in Action
    3. 1.3. Yes We Can! How Obama Won with Social Media
      1. 1.3.1. Exploit Existing Tools
      2. 1.3.2. Make the Moments Count
    4. 1.4. The Power of One
    5. 1.5. Small Acts Contribute to Big Changes
  7. 2. WING 2: Grab Attention: How to Stick Out in an Overcrowded, Overmessaged, Noisy World
    1. 2.1. Design Principles to Grab Attention
      1. 2.1.1. Design Principle 1: Get Personal
      2. 2.1.2. Design Principle 2: Deliver the Unexpected
      3. 2.1.3. Design Principle 3: Visualize Your Message
      4. 2.1.4. Design Principle 4: Make a Visceral Connection
    2. 2.2. Ideate, Prototype, Test—Measure, Measure, Measure
  8. 3. WING 3: Engage: How to Make People Connect with Your Goal
    1. 3.1. How to Engage Your Audience Through Social Media
    2. 3.2. Four Design Principles of Engagement
      1. 3.2.1. Design Principle 1: Tell a Story
      2. 3.2.2. Design Principle 2: Empathize
      3. 3.2.3. Design Principle 3: Be Authentic
      4. 3.2.4. Design Principle 4: Match the Media
    3. 3.3. Charity: Water Engages
  9. 4. WING 4: Take Action: How to Empower Others, Enable Them—and Cultivate a Movement
    1. 4.1. Inspiring Action
    2. 4.2. A Call to Action
    3. 4.3. The Psychology of Asking
    4. 4.4. What to Ask For?
    5. 4.5. Picking the Right Type of Ask
    6. 4.6. Differentiate Between First and Second Asks
    7. 4.7. Ask for Time (Before Money)
    8. 4.8. Design Principles to Empower Others to Take Action
      1. 4.8.1. Design Principle 1: Make It Easy
      2. 4.8.2. Design Principle 2: Make It Fun
      3. 4.8.3. Design Principle 3: Tailor
      4. 4.8.4. Design Principle 4: Be Open
  10. 5. Onward and Upward: You're Flying! Now What?
    1. 5.1. The Fear Factor
    2. 5.2. Strategic Use of Expectations
    3. 5.3. Overachievers Are Overrated
    4. 5.4. Getting Ideas to Take Flight
    5. 5.5. The Dark Side of Social Technology
    6. 5.6. The Power of Social Media
    7. 5.7. To Go Far, Go Together
  11. Afterword: Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality
    1. 5.8. Focus
    2. 5.9. Grab Attention
    3. 5.10. Engage
    4. 5.11. Take Action
  12. Notes
  13. The Dragonfly Ecosystem
  14. About the Authors