Chapter 4The Valley Experience

There are times in which we are at our lowest. I believe it's those moments that can make us or break us. We can stay down, or we can decide to get up. We can lose hope and wallow in the valley of failure, or we can create a plan to get back on the climb to the top. I believe that it's in the valley where you gain the wisdom and clarity for the climb, then you grow as you climb.

What was your lowest moment in life? Did it break you, or did it make you? Did you fold, or did you get stronger? How long were you down? Are you still down? Did you get back up yet, or is it time to get up? Identify that time and make sure you didn't miss any lessons in the valley. It's at your lowest that you can evaluate your life and be honest with yourself about the things that have happened and devise a plan for the way forward. Anything can get us to our lowest point. It could be losing a family member. It could be losing a job. It could be being kicked off of a team or out of school. It could be an injury. It could be a divorce or a bad breakup. It could be a freak accident. It could be just a transition into a new period of life. There are many things that can knock us down, but can you get up? Absolutely, you can get up. As long as there is breath in your body, there's a fighting chance. You have to be willing to stay down long enough to get a lesson and then bold enough to get back up and get back in the fight stronger and wiser than before.

If you're in the ...

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