Chapter 6Balancing the Dream and the Job

This stage of your career may be one of the most important stages you'll ever go through. So much hangs in the balance when you're dreaming, but you're also on someone else's job. It's hard to stay focused on your job when your dream is calling your name. Your boss may be a horrible person. Your coworkers may be petty or too nosy. The paint on the wall starts to look ugly to you. The smell of the building turns your stomach when you walk in. The food you eat there or the food you bring to eat there just turns to gravel in your mouth. It feels like your air supply is being cut short while trying to breathe in there. It's bad. It's beyond bad. If you could go to prison for your thoughts, you'd be serving a life sentence for the things you've thought about doing to your boss. Maybe you've thought about setting a part of the building on fire, so they'd have to close down for a while and you'd get some time off. I know it's rough, but you have to stay the course. There's a balancing act that has to be put in place. You can't just up and quit your job. You can't just jump into the next thing without a plan, especially if you have a family to feed. You have to be smart about it. You have to take your time. Change the way you look at the job. Instead of looking at your job as though you're an unappreciated slave hand, start looking at it like a training ground. Pretend that your dream job sent you there for paid training. This training ground ...

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