Chapter 11The Hands-On Strategy

This strategy is similar to the one-man show but not the exact same thing. You can be a one-man show but have a lot of virtual assistants, interns, or other people who you delegate everything out to. I like to be involved in my work. If you're going to work, then why not work? There is time for vacation and your work may feel like a vacation at times, but you're still doing the work. Do you want to be rich and relaxed, or do you want to have an impact? If you just want to be rich and travel, then the hands-on strategy isn't for you. If you want to have an impact and you want to be active and enjoy your work, then you have to be hands-on.

While writing this book I'm away at a beach house, so I can be alone and in my zone, but today I had to coach a client for 30 minutes. He's a professional basketball player, but he also wants to be a fashion designer. I'm going to use our session as a real-life example as to why I feel the hands-on strategy is important. He's ready to build his business, and that's evident because he's paying me a nice little consulting fee to bounce ideas off of and be held accountable. In our conversation I asked him whether he has a manufacturer for his clothing line. He said that his assistants were working on finding the manufacturer, and they've sent him a few, but he hasn't had time to look at them just yet. I asked him whether he had looked into any manufacturers himself, because I believe in doing your own work when you're ...

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