Chapter 13Study the Ant

There are a lot of lazy people in the world today. So many people say they want something, but they don't really want to work for it. They say they want financial freedom, but to them that means an investor giving them enough money to live off of while they play in the sandbox and call it building a business. A lot of people want a handout or a hand up. Not many people want to sweat for it. I've noticed some things while building my brand, and one was that many people think success is made in the microwave. Success is made in the oven. It takes times to become successful, and you have to work for it like there is no tomorrow. I meet a lot of people who get started and right away they want to partner with me. They have 21 followers online, and it makes perfect sense to them why I would align my brand with theirs for a tour. Honestly, I can't be mad at them because I've asked some crazy questions too. A lot of times we ask crazy questions when we're doing something we aren't called to do, and we are looking for the quickest route to the top. I remember when I wanted to make it in something, and I didn't care what it was. I wrote a screenplay and had never read a screenplay or a filmmaking book a day in my life. I wrote the screenplay, and then I went on MySpace trying to connect with people. I saw a guy's play on BET. I thought the play was terrible, but he was on TV so he must have done something right. I looked him up on MySpace and gave him my sob story ...

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