Chapter 15Building a Team

When you build your team, consider that they will be an extension of you. Your team must hold your same core values. They don't have to be just like you, but they have to believe in your vision. That in itself is very hard to find. I think most of us just settle for what we can find because we don't feel like there is better out there. I've built much of my business without a team, so I can't argue that a team is absolutely necessary to succeed. None of my celebrity coaching clients came as a result of an agent. They found my message online and reached out to me. Only two of my speaking engagements in my entire career have come from a speakers' bureau, and those were from two different bureaus.

Still, I know I'll never be able to govern everything, and I'll need support. I understand that, but I'm in no rush to get there. Currently I'm looking for a manager, and I'll list my stipulations for that manager and explain why I feel that way.

  • A percentage of all deals and bookings handled will go to a manager instead of a salary. I have that deal point in my plan because a lot of weeks there may be nothing coming in. If I have nothing coming in, then I don't want something going out. The manager would have to budget well or have other clients in order to live. I want it that way because I don't want anyone solely dependent on me other than my wife and kids, and I don't mind if they even get jobs for outside income. In that deal ...

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