Chapter 20The Corporate Crossover

In due time, all things come to pass. If you are consistent, you will get there no matter how long it takes. Some people will get there before you. Some people will start there, but you will get there if you aren't already. I've always been self-conscious about my country accent. I'm also self-conscious about my race, although not as much anymore. I'm self-conscious about my age. I'm also self-conscious about being an independent brand. For all those reasons, I couldn't see when I would get the opportunity to do a corporate crossover. What I mean by corporate is major brands, companies, and so on. Yes, I was called on by different organizations such as the NBA, NBPA, NFL teams, and NCAA teams, but I didn't look at that the same as corporate. I actually wanted to be on salary with a professional sports team as a life coach. I also wanted to be a spokesperson for a major brand. I guess for me this would be validation. I wanted to know that I was just as good as the guys who have a full staff, super agents, proper speech, degrees, and all those things. I'd read some of their wisdom, heard some of their speeches, and wouldn't really be all too impressed. I'd hear some good stuff, but it didn't intimidate me or make me feel that those guys were any better than me. I just needed for my opportunities to come.

I remember asking pro athletes if their team had a life coach. They would all say no. I would then ask them if they felt they could benefit from ...

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