Chapter 21Influencing Influencers

It's one thing to be an influencer; it's another to be an influencer to influencers. If the goal is to have an impact on the world in a positive way, then becoming an influencer to influencers is a great way to do it. An influencer is someone who has massive reach and can impact the actions of others with their words and actions. No, that's not from Webster's dictionary; that's my definition, so hopefully it'll do. The key to influencing influencers is to be sure of yourself and to be consistent in your work. If you're all over the place, and you're operating in your gift one week and, then taking the next week off, you'll never reach anyone that way. You have to be consistent, and you have to know what you know. We oftentimes hear people preface a statement with, “In my opinion,” or “I believe,” etc. I do it sometimes too. Well, that can take away from your influence if you do that too much. You have to know what you know and really stand behind it. One thing about my online brand is that I never questioned myself within a quote or statement. I spoke as if everything I said was a law from heaven. I did that because I wanted people who may be unsure to know that I was sure. I really was sure. I didn't think I knew what I was talking about. I knew that I knew what I was talking about. Before I said anything, I analyzed it from every angle I could think of. I thought of the arguments one might have from each angle, and I had a counterargument. ...

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