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Scott Dubinsky has the kind of sales stats most eBayers would envy. In five years, Dubinsky has sold only about 700 items on eBay, but that’s been enough to earn him a Titanium PowerSeller rating and feedback from more than 300 customers—all unanimous in their praise of his products and business practices.

Every auction Dubinsky has running gets bids because he starts the bidding at rock-bottom prices—never higher than a dollar. Yet, Dubinsky’s average sale is $40,000. He once even sold an item online for $250,000. Still another of his auctions closed for $210,000, $60,000 higher than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the product.

Dubinsky, who was an automobile wholesaler for 15 years, now sells vehicles directly to consumers through eBay Motors, the auction site’s biggest single category. In five years, Dubinsky has sold cars to buyers in 48 states and six countries through eBay. Only five people who bought cars from him online were in his local market.

More than a million cars have been sold on eBay since its inception in 1995. What’s more, 11 million people reportedly browse eBay’s pages daily looking for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. In fact, someone buys a car on eBay every 60 seconds. Most of these auctions are for used cars, and three-quarters of them are sold to out-of-state buyers. EBay attracts more unique shoppers every month than,, and Yahoo! Autos combined.

Perhaps more than any other category, eBay Motors ...

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