9How to Start Delivering Feedback

Starting to deliver feedback follows naturally after you've rolled out One On Ones. If, for some reason, you've jumped right to the feedback section of this book and you haven't rolled out your One On Ones yet, you could be in for a very rocky road. The guidance here doesn't address skipping One On Ones because we don't recommend things we don't believe in.

After 12 weeks of having One On Ones, you can start the process of delivering your performance communications in the Manager Tools Feedback Model.

Announce Your Intention in Your Weekly Staff Meeting

Now that you've decided to begin adding feedback to your Manager Tools and you've been developing better relationships with your directs, you've got to announce your intended change to your team all at once. Feedback is an individual behavior, but announcing it to the team says that everyone is going to treated similarly. We don't recommend giving the same briefing over and over again in your One On Ones—that's inefficient.

Schedule 30 Minutes for Your Briefing

We've seen managers try to shoehorn the meeting into 10 to 15 minutes, but that's usually not enough time. With directs' sensitivities about performance communications, it's better to not rush.

Use Our Materials

We've got a free feedback document on our website that gives you everything you need. Hand it out to your directs. It will make it much easier for them to receive feedback if they know what's coming and why it's coming.

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