Chapter 2. Attitude

I brought Jennifer with me to the restaurant on the second Wednesday and led her to the same booth Aunt Katherine and I had shared the week before. A few minutes later, Aunt Katherine showed up, grinning with surprise.

"Jennifer!" She held my wife's hands and kissed her cheek. Then she slid into the booth, and I pondered the variety on the menu.

The waitress stopped by. "Ready to order?" she asked.

Aunt Katherine ordered the Wednesday special as she and Jennifer sat together, looking through some new photos of the kids.

I considered the selections. "There are just so many," I said. "Any recommendations on what's best?"

The waitress just stared at me, pen poised over the small pad in her hand. I looked down at the menu again.

"I like the broiled haddock," the girl said. "If you like fish."

"That's expensive," Jennifer said. We exchanged glances. "I'll have the Caesar salad," my wife added.

I closed the menu. "Give me a grilled cheese."

Aunt Katherine smiled. "Did you have a good week?"

"Yes. Thanks. It was extremely busy at work, but when I had time, I thought a lot about our conversation."

"Did you have time to do your homework?"

I shook my head. "Nope, sorry. I didn't. It was just too crazy at work, and Jennifer seemed to be busy with the baby every time I thought about talking to her about attitude."

I held up my notebook. The lined page was blank. At the very top I had written one word. Attitude. "That's as far as I got."

Aunt Katherine just smiled. "That's okay," she said. ...

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