1The Influence of the Ecosystem on the Development and Financing of Start-ups

The key point that differentiates start-ups from SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) is the recurring need for financing. In this context, the environment in which the young company operates is predominant in terms of its geopolitical and economic aspects. Start-ups are companies with rapid growth that remain fragile and dependent on human, legal, tax and financial factors. The most successful start-ups come mainly from Western countries. It therefore seems interesting to conduct a comparative study with developing countries to understand the key success factors. This leads us to the following question: how does the geopolitical and economic environment favor the financing of start-ups?

First, we will review the literature on the financing processes and key success factors of start-ups around the world. A cross-analysis between two socio-economic contexts will be carried out to differentiate the two study parameters.

Then, we look at the levers available to promote the financing of start-ups: tax or through government policies, initially, then according to human and geopolitical factors. Finally, we look at the impact of the digital revolution, which is totally changing the modes of communication and operation and thus modifying start-ups and their financing methods.

Finally, through a field study with professionals in the sector, we will study how start-ups adapt to the environment and how ...

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