Country Profile: Bahrain

Population (2010)

1.3 million

Population (2050)

2.0 million

Gross domestic product

US $22.7 billion

GDP per capita

US $20,475


620 km2

Top 3 trading partners (Exports)

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India

Top 3 trading partners (Imports)

European Union, Brazil, China

Doing Business—global ranking (2012)


Global competitiveness ranking (2012)


Share of world oil reserves

Share of world gas reserves

Inward Foreign Direct Investment stock (2010)

US $15,154 million

Inward Foreign Direct Investment flow (2010)

US $156 million

Outward Foreign Direct Investment stock (2010)

US $7,883 million

WTO/OPEC membership


Country Profile: Egypt

Population ...

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