Chapter 2. Operational Transformation

Key topics in this chapter:

  • Transforming managed services into cloud services

  • Virtualization of servers, network, and storage

  • The relentless pursuit of automation

  • Adding customer visibility and transparency into cloud operations, monitoring, and reports

  • Accessing cloud services

  • Data sovereignty and on-shore support operations

  • New backup and recovery techniques

  • Cloud operational changes in an Information Technology Infrastructure Library model (ITIL)

  • Operational transformation best practices

This chapter focuses on the operational lessons learned during the initial years of the cloud services industry. Based on customer cloud deployments and industry leader experience, it became apparent that the transition to the cloud is much more than just implementing new technology. The day-to-day aspects of how an organization operates also need to evolve, whether you’re following a public cloud consumption model or especially if you’re deploying an enterprise private cloud for your organization.

Whether you have started your cloud transition or are still considering it, this chapter will help you on your way. We will discuss topics valuable to any organization looking to gain the benefits of cloud computing or just modernize a traditional IT department. I will cover the changes relating to IT and datacenter operations, changes in staffing skills, processes, and recommended organizational changes to carry out a successful transition ...

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