Chapter 10The Four Pillars of Successful LeadershipDeveloping the Model

By being authentic, supporting employees' needs, communicating with purpose, and fostering ingenuity, you can become a successful leader for the future.


What is it that makes a successful leader today, and how can you get there and stay there? While research and real-life experience continues to teach us what makes leaders great, as well as why leaders fail to succeed, this chapter combines what we've learned from the literature with our own original work in this area. The talented staff at MHS has contributed a great deal in the compilation and execution of this work. In this chapter, I will present you with how we arrived at our Four-Pillar Model of leadership. In the next four chapters, I'll provide you with steps you can take to increase your own leadership style along the lines of this model. As well, the model is intended to be used by professionals who work with leaders in their development.

Most of the previous chapters have dealt with the basic (emotional intelligence) skills we believe are important for leaders. These skills are important parts of our model. Developing these skills is an ongoing, perhaps even lifelong process.

In this chapter, I intend to deal with the competencies of leadership. Being successful at mastering the competencies implies that you have some basic abilities at the skill level. Each competency is composed of a cluster of basic emotional intelligence ...

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