The Equity Mindset

Book description

Learn to implement the intentional practices and make the hard decisions that true equity demands

In The Equity Mindset, celebrated researcher, attorney, and activist Ifeomasinachi Ike delivers a moving and impactful exploration of why equity is so important, the shortcomings of institutional diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, and how we creatively and boldly design cultures centering the expertise of those who know first-hand how inequity has shaped work culture. The book examines the dynamics of normalized institutional oppression, offers real-world case studies, and provides readers with new practices, key performance indicators (KPIs), and milestones for measuring the success of modern DEI efforts. At its core, The Equity Mindset is about adopting a problem-solving mentality to address social inequities to ensure we all thrive.

This nuanced treatment of principles, practices, and production also includes:

  • Practitioner interviews with guidance on how each person, regardless of industry, can advance equity personally and professionally
  • Strategies for addressing organizational bias, inequity, and lack of representation
  • Tools for leaders and decisionmakers seeking concrete steps to create safer cultures for communities historically marginalized

A can’t-miss resource for managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders, The Equity Mindset is for those with and without traditional authority who seek to advance the movement for equitable treatment in every environment.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. My Mommy's Foreword
  6. Introduction: A Book of Problems, Possibilities, and Practices
  7. 1 Forty Thoughts on Designing with an Equity Mindset
    1. #EquityMindset with Christopher Dennis
  8. 2 The Work Culture We Inherited (and How It Erases Us All)
  9. 3 Thoughts on Being an Equity Designer
  10. 4 An Equity Lens: Seeing the Right Problem
    1. Case Study: Where Are All the Black Engineers?
    2. Better Understanding of the Problem
    3. Setting Intentions: Vision, Commitments, and Tracking Equity Outcomes
    4. Embedding a Statement of Acknowledgment
    5. Note
  11. 5 Testing Assumptions About What Our Cultures Must Be
    1. Establishing New Learning Behaviors
    2. # EquityMindset with Rebecca Cokley
  12. 6 Are Your People S.A.F.E.?
    1. Seen Holistically
    2. Access to Support
    3. Free to Be in, and Address, Conflict
    4. Encouraged and Radically Affirmed
    5. Note
  13. 7 Remote Work Is a Reasonable Accommodation (and We Owe the Disability Justice Community an Apology)
    1. Have You Heard of the “Ugly Laws”?
    2. Humanizing This Topic
    3. Notes
  14. 8 Confront Your Issues with Black Women
    1. Note
  15. 9 The Case for Radical Sabbaticals
    1. Problem Statement: In Pursuit of Rest
    2. Not Designed to Rest: How Rest Is Not a Real “Choice” for Many Black Women
    3. Beyond Paid Leave: A “Case for Black Women Leave” to Be Beyond (and Disconnected) from Work
    4. Notes
  16. 10 Safety, Access, and a Good Sandwich
    1. #EquityMindset with Dominique Morgan
  17. 11 What Is Your Equity (Mindset) Journey?
    1. Where Are the Swings?
    2. Sister Fox Is Racist. And I Hate History.
    3. Two Poor Girls Walk into a Dorm in West Virginia …
    4. We Just Want Clean Water
    5. #EquityMindset with Javier Lopez
  18. 12 Centering Proximate Leadership in Our Research Practices
    1. Testing Current Assumptions about “Community‐Led” Mindsets
    2. Respecting Impacted Persons as Innovators and Researchers
    3. The Power of Community Conversations as a Research Tool
    4. #EquityMindset with Alisha L. Gordon
    5. Note
  19. 13 Pipelines Are Deep Work: What You Should Know and Be Prepared For
  20. 14 Reimagining “Chief”: Ways Leaders Are Designing with an Equity Mindset
    1. Leaders with an Equity Mindset Model Commitment and Vulnerability
    2. Leaders with an EM Identify How White‐Dominant Culture Impacts Their Organization and Then Practice Different Behaviors
    3. Leaders with an EM Support Experimentation
    4. Creating Space for Partners to Engage in Equity Design and Problem Solving
    5. # EquityMindset with Ross Moskowitz
    6. Note
  21. Epilogue
  22. Acknowledgments
  23. About the Author
  24. Index
  25. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: The Equity Mindset
  • Author(s): Ifeomasinachi Ike
  • Release date: September 2023
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394152193