2The Work Culture We Inherited (and How It Erases Us All)

I think that the white supremacy culture that all of us have inherited, whether we want it or not, includes this idea that in order for things to feel right, they have to feel good in our body—that it has to be non‐confrontational to our body. But that's counter to what marginalized people experience on a daily basis. As a Black person, my daily survival was designed to ignore my body and instead prioritize maneuvering external relationships in ways that white people have never had to think through. If we're going to walk towards cultures which are just and new, we must accept this fact: we walk in the world differently.

— Linara Davidson Greenidge (she/her) philanthropy and equity advisor and founder of Linara Jinee Consulting, LLC

I can't believe I almost started a sentence with, “kids today have no idea …” but the reality is, even though I'm technically a millennial, for us older ones, our television options were far from the vast choices today. It's hard to believe that there was a time when I just watched what was there; regardless of how we felt about the quality of a program, most of us were indoctrinated by the same shows. My parents were pretty strict on what we could watch, but there were a few that either passed their morality test or squeaked by because they didn't get the often lewd jokes. One of the shows they probably should have censored more was All in the Family reruns, the seventies hit show that ...

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