8Confront Your Issues with Black Women

I heard in these LinkedIn streets that DEI is not just about being Black. And I heard it came from a person of color. Interesting.

A couple true stories.

▪ ▪ ▪

There was a period in my early thirties where I was having severe back pain. I worked out regularly, ate well, and thought I was getting enough rest. When I got little “ouchies” here and there, I figured it was from not stretching enough.

So I invested in all the supportive ergonomic tools

for both home and office.

Then I incorporated yoga.

And then heating pads when I went to sleep.

Then I brought the heating pad to work.

And then one day at work, as I was typing

my back went out.

My face was on my keyboard.

My peers peeled me back, body still in ergonomic chair,

Body still bent.

I waited for EMT.

Crying. Balling.

I remember EMT professionals telling me

how they were going to turn me to my side

and get me to the ER.

I was now flat on a stretcher, crying.

Some colleagues ran out of their Capitol Hill offices.

“Ify, Ify, what's going on? You okay?”

I turned my tear‐glossed face away, avoiding eye contact.

I felt embarrassed.

What am I doing wrong?

Why am I not taking care of myself?

“How are you?” said the doctor.

And with tears, I just ran through all the things

I had done to take care of myself.

6am workout with Patrice.

Apple and oatmeal for breakfast.

Salad for lunch.

Great posture when I sit,

and sometimes I'll even stand while I type.

He jotted notes as fast as I was rambling, ...

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