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Actinide elements or actinides

Addition polymerization (or Chain reaction polymerization)

Aeronautical/aerospace engineers

Aerospace materials (definition of)

Age hardening or Aging (see Precipitation hardening)


Allotropic transformations

Alloy (definition of)

Alloying (or Solid-solution strengthening) (see also Strengthening mechanisms)

effects of

Hume-Rothery’s rules (of substitutional solid solubility)

interstitial solutes (in alloys)

solid solubility (see solubility limit)

solubility limit

solute (definition of),

solvent (definition of)

Alternating copolymers (see Polymers)

Amorphous materials

Amorphous metals (or Metal glasses)

Amorphous silica

Anelastic strain behavior ...

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