Chapter 6 Deeper into Dates and Times with SAS

6.1 Macro Variables and Dates

6.2 Graphing Dates

6.3 The Basics of PROC EXPAND

6.4 International Date, Time, and Datetime Formats and Informats

6.5 NLS Date, Time, and Datetime Conversion Functions

6.6 Date Formats and Informats for Other Calendars

6.7 Other Software and Their Dates (Excel, Oracle, DB2)

6.8 Conclusion

6.1 Macro Variables and Dates

There is a high potential for confusion when it comes to the subject of macro variables and dates. Although you have access to dates and times in the SAS macro language with the automatic macro variables &SYSDATE, &SYSDATE9, &SYSDAY, and &SYSTIME, the display of these values is fixed, and therefore they do not give you the power of SAS formats, or of SAS ...

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