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The Evolution of Analytics

Book Description

Machine learning is a hot topic in business. Even data-driven organizations that have spent years developing successful data analysis platforms, with many accurate statistical models in place, are now looking into this decades-old discipline. But how can companies turn hyped opportunities for machine learning into real business value?

This report examines the growing momentum of machine learning in the analytics landscape, the challenges machine learning presents to businesses, and examples of how organizations are actively seeking to incorporate modern machine learning techniques into their production data infrastructures. Authors Patrick Hall, Wen Phan, and Katie Whitson look at two companies in depth—one in healthcare and one in finance—that are seeing the real impact of machine learning.

Discover how machine learning can help your organization:

  • Analyze and generate insights from large amounts of varied, messy, and unstructured data unfit for traditional statistical analysis
  • Increase the predictive accuracy beyond what was previously possible
  • Augment aging analytical processes and other decision-making tools