Abnormal returns
Active indexing management
Active management. See also indexing economics
costs of
fees for
performance of
Active management process
Active manager performance, measurement
Active managers
Active Share
Active trading
Actively managed ETFs. See also silent indexes (nontransparent ETFs)
creation and redemption with
equity market developments and implications
in Europe
exemptive orders
functioning of
NAV-based trading
performance of
SEC concept release
trading before disclosing
transparency decline benefits
Actively managed funds
creation and redemption mechanics
vs. index funds
vs. passively managed funds
Actively managed indexes
Actively managed portfolios
Advisor listing
Advisory expenses
Advisory fees
Affiliated investors
After-tax return and risk tradeoff
Agricultural commodities
Algorithmic trading model
Allocated metal
Almgren, Robert
Alternative minimum tax (AMT)
Amenc, Noël
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
Analysis and tools
active manager performance, measurement of
Active Share
criteria for
portfolio return correlations
short interest
sources of
tax efficiency
Analytical framework
Analytical tools
Appointed regulators
Arbitrage complex liquidity
Arbitrage complexes
Arbitrage constraints
Arbitrage forces
Arbitrage pricing
Arbitrage traders
Arbitrage-linked trading
Arrangement timing
Asset allocations
Asset class
Asset class correlations
Asset class ranking
Asset coverage
Asset size
Authorized Participants
Automated quote management systems ...

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