Practicing and Preparing for Resilience

Just months after buying my red Jeep when I was 16, I crashed it. It was totally my fault. I couldn’t afford to put a stereo in the Jeep, and since my vision involved listening to tunes with my friends, I had put my boom box in the car. Alone in the car one day, I reached down to change my cassette tape, took my eyes off the road for just a few seconds, and as I looked up, I hit another car. No one was injured. The other car wasn’t badly banged up. Mine, not so much.

I sat by the side of the road on top of my Jeep just crying as the police and tow truck came. My Jeep wasn’t totaled, but the front looked like an accordion. I couldn’t afford the deductible to repair it, so my dad, who knew a lot about ...

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