APPENDIX: Intuit Social Communications Policy*

This appendix is a “best practice” example of a written policy courtesy of Intuit.


At Intuit, we’re passionate about listening to and learning from our customers. We’ve been doing that for years. Today, those conversations are increasingly happening online through social media and social networks, like Facebook, blogs and Twitter—even our own Live Community. Participating in and igniting conversations is part of our overall customer experience and significantly influences how consumers think and talk about our products and brands.

These conversations are very important, so we’ve created some simple guidelines to help you communicate clearly in social media conversations with our customers and others who we may encourage to talk openly and honestly on our behalf. This Social Communication Policy applies in our Intuit-sponsored social media/communities and in independent sites that aren’t affiliated with us. Our affiliates, partners, and pro advisors can also use this Social Communication Policy to guide their conversations about Intuit and Intuit offerings.

Every Intuit employee may participate in social media conversations. It’s a great way to talk about what excites you at work and, at the same time, to learn more about our customers.

Also, if you are an hourly employee, you should only participate in social media conversations about Intuit during your regular working hours.


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