7. Experiential Translation: From Experiential DNA to Customer Experience


Experiential Translation: From Experiential DNA to Customer Experience

Your experiential DNA is your prime asset, and this chapter explains how you can translate it into the right experience for the customer. It shows that a successful translation will not only develop your unique experiential position, it will also make it hard for competitors to copy you.

Recently I moved to Denmark, and enrolled with a new doctor. I had moved within Scandinavia, so the general welfare model was the same. However, I became acutely aware of how I was learning about the doctor’s practice, partly because I had this book in mind (but mostly because I am a nerd). I was reflecting on every point of contact, and using these small experiential moments to piece together like a jigsaw a coherent idea of the personality of the service they offered. I don’t mean just the personality of the doctor (although that was a major part of it), but the personality of the whole service, constructed from all of the small interactions I had. From booking an appointment to arranging a blood test, receiving results, going to consultations, waiting in the waiting room, and talking with the doctor, I was putting together a coherent story based on multiple small snapshots of experience. This went right down to details like the furniture in the waiting room, the pictures on the wall, and even the pens—everything. I built up a cohesive story about ...

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