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The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence

Book Description

Bring Disney-level customer experience to your organization with insider guidance

The Experience is a unique guide to mastering the art of customer service and service relationships, based on the principles employed at the renowned leader in customer experience -— the Walt Disney Company. Co-Author Bruce Loeffler spent ten years at Disney World overseeing service excellence, and has partnered with Brian T. Church in this book, to show you how to bring that same level of care and value to your own organization. Based on the I. C.A.R.E. model, the five principles — Impression, Connection, Attitude, Response, and Exceptionals — give you a solid framework upon which to raise the level of your customer experience. You will learn how to identify your customer service issues and what level of Experience you are currently offering. You can then determine exactly what the "customer experience" should be for your company, and the changes required to make it happen.

The Walt Disney Company is the most recognized name in the world for customer service. The "Disney Experience" draws customers from all around the world,. This book describes what it takes to achieve that level of Experience, and how any organization can do it with the right strategy and attention to detail. When the Experience is enhanced, the opportunity arises to convert customers to ambassadors who will share their Experience with others.

  • Find "the experience" and what it means to the Organization

  • Learn the five levels of experience, and why most companies fail at it

  • Identify service problems that face every company in the marketplace

  • Utilize the Experience Quotient and apply the I. C.A.R.E. principles

  • Learn how to convert customers to ambassadors who share their story with others

  • Customers are the lifeblood of business. A great product offering isn't enough in today's marketplace, where everyone's looking for an "experience." Imagine the kind of value a Disney-level customer experience could bring to your organization. The Experience is a guide to getting there, from an insider's perspective.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Part I: Preshow (Setting the Stage)
      1. Chapter One: The Experience Path: Why We Wrote the Book and How to Use It
        1. Why Ambassadors?
        2. Why Disney?
      2. Chapter Two: The “I. C.A.R.E.” Principles
        1. Do You Care?
      3. Chapter Three: Five Levels of the Experience: What Level Are You?
        1. What Level Are You On?
        2. Motel “X”
        3. The Staggering Results
        4. Why Are the Levels Important?
        5. Now What?
    7. Part II: Onstage (The Customer Interface)
      1. Chapter Four: Principle 1: Impression
        1. Impression 1.1: Engage
        2. Impression 1.2: Intentional
        3. Impression 1.3: Senses
        4. Impression 1.4: Emotion
        5. Impression 1.5: Presentation
        6. Impression 1.6: Professionalism
        7. Impression 1.7: Pristine
        8. Impression 1.8: Pride
        9. Impression 1.9: Likeability
        10. Impression 1.10: Consistency
      2. Chapter Five: Principle 2: Connection
        1. Connection 2.1: Communication
        2. Connection 2.2: Deliberate
        3. Connection 2.3: Personalize
        4. Connection 2.4: Affirmation
        5. Connection 2.5: Knowledge
        6. Connection 2.6: Interaction
        7. Connection 2.7: Respect
        8. Connection 2.8: Trust
        9. Connection 2.9: Relationship
        10. Connection 2.10: Finishing
      3. Chapter Six: Principle 3: Attitude
        1. Attitude 3.1: Idealism
        2. Attitude 3.2: Choice
        3. Attitude 3.3: Desire
        4. Attitude 3.4: Yes
        5. Attitude 3.5: Happiness
        6. Attitude 3.6: Optimism
        7. Attitude 3.7: Expectations
        8. Attitude 3.8: Persistence
        9. Attitude 3.9: Ownership
        10. Attitude 3.10: Illumination
      4. Chapter Seven: Principle 4: Response
        1. Response 4.1: Detail
        2. Response 4.2: Engagement
        3. Response 4.3: Urgency
        4. Response 4.4: Insight
        5. Response 4.5: Empathy
        6. Response 4.6: Process
        7. Response 4.7: Adaptation
        8. Response 4.8: Validation
        9. Response 4.9: Anticipation
        10. Response 4.10: Recovery
    8. Part III: Backstage (The Internal Interface)
      1. Chapter Eight: Principle 5: Exceptionals
        1. Exceptionals 5.1: Culture
        2. Exceptionals 5.2: Excellence
        3. Exceptionals 5.3: Ethos
        4. Exceptionals 5.4: Accountability
        5. Exceptionals 5.5: Teaming
        6. Exceptionals 5.6: Investment
        7. Exceptionals 5.7: Training
        8. Exceptionals 5.8: Development
        9. Exceptionals 5.9: Extraordinary
        10. Exceptionals 5.10: Enjoyment
      2. Chapter Nine: Finale: The One Level Challenge: What about You or Your Company Says, “I. C.A.R.E.”?
        1. The Next Level
        2. Leave the World Behind
    9. Index
    10. End User License Agreement