imgChapter FourPrinciple 1: Impression

Disneyland is a show!

—Walt Disney

Every customer has an Impression of every encounter experienced, and can describe and file each of these Impressions under one of three classifications: positive, negative, or neutral. Though “neutral” might seem like the absence of an Impression, it is every bit as critical as “positive” or “negative.” It says that the company did nothing to distinguish its service or itself from its competitors. Average never inspired anyone. The individuals and the companies who provide indifferent or mediocre service leave the Impression that you are simply not important enough to them.

The Impression is so important because it is the epicenter that drives every inflection of the customer relationship. Every time a customer has any type of contact with any aspect of your business, the customer forms an opinion. If you research behavioral science, you know that opinions usually result in actions. Impressions form opinions, and opinions form actions, whether positive or negative, purchase or pass, or return with family or never visit again.

Impressions are often driven by an organization's ...

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