15Measuring Success

YOUR PRODUCT IS out in the wild now, or at least with an external yet controlled audience, so what happens now? We can look back at the very beginning of our process where we defined our use case and refresh our memories on the performance metrics we established. This will help us note how the product is performing so that we can make informed decisions on what updates will be most relevant moving forward. While it's important to have a channel to collect user feedback, we can also gather insights from events tracking the development team implemented in the project, as well as information that our distribution platforms provide or scoring data from a learning management system integration.

Events Tracking

The development team should have implemented events tracking so that you can observe user behaviors as well as unexpected behavioral outcomes after deployment. While the data you collect may not be from one specific user, and it shouldn't be due to privacy laws, you can make assumptions and generalizations about patterns you see in the data. Identify if your audience is going through the user flow as you've designed it. You will be able to see the path of their actions as well as how long they are spending in each trackable area. Document if this aligns with the anticipated user flow or if they deviate from it in common ways. If a group of individuals are making the same deviations, consider why they are doing so. Is this because your users want to take ...

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